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business man, builder, architect Ron James
business man, builder, architect Ron James

Hi! I am Ron James a registered architect and highly trained and knowledgeable builder. I have specialized in a number of fields in this industry. Some of these areas include home designs, building, upgrading and expansion of both luxury and designer homes. I successfully enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts course at the Texas Tech College of Architecture, and successfully completed my professional studies in the same college. Best of all, I have managed to accrue lot of hands on experience in home design and building. Not to mention my extensive knowledge and expertise in helping all my clients obtain the homes of their dreams in a hassle-free manner.

You can be rest assured that I have what it takes to successfully, and in a timely manner, complete projects of any given scale. After a lot of reflection, I have decided to launch this amazing blog. Essentially, am using this online platform to provide the very best information that touches on the intricate workings of both home design and building. This information will hopefully place you in a good position to realize their custom home ownership dreams.

You see, building a designer home is definitely a significant investment in life. Therefore, it is only right that you can do this in the best way possible and in accordance to your unique needs, preferences and even budget. In this blog, I will be regularly posting insightful articles that dwell on just how you can be able to accomplish all this. In the event you decide to take the DIY route, don’t worry I also got you covered too. To this end, you will be able to access invaluable information on just how you can do this, including the exact steps you will need to take in every phase of your project.

This blog will offer some in depth reviews of emerging trends in this industry as well. As such, it will arm you with the right and most accurate information, which will make settling for the right options and solutions infinitely more convenient. Finally, I will also be regularly posting my general musings touching on the good life, and more importantly, the true value of home ownership.

So, I extend a warm welcome to all who are keenly interested in learning more about home design and building. Feel free to go through this one of a kind site whenever you need the best information in this field. Should, you feel the need for my professional services, you can get in touch with me at info@ronjamesdesignerhomes.com