Top Reasons to Consider Building a Designer Home

modern_interior_design_home_new_house_scandinavia_living_room_interior_space-www.ronjamesdesignerhomes.comThere is no doubt that most people would love to live in a designer home. However, before looking at the benefits of a designer home, it is good to really understand what a designer home is. A designer home is custom-made just for you. From the design to the building, it will have special attributes that are highly detailed to meet your individual or family needs. Therefore, a designer home has to be professionally designed and delivered. The first step is to look for a good designer home expert. Thankfully, Ron James Designer Homes is a great service for you. Get your fully customized home design with no hassle and start the journey to living in your own dream designer home. At Ron James Designer Homes, all your designer home questions will be answered professionally to your delight.

If you have not considered building a designer home yet, take a look at the following information. These are the reasons why you need to get started with your custom home today.

Create a home that works for you

living-room-www.ronjamesdesignerhomes.comA dream custom home is one that works for you. From the design to the elements therein, you can set your own terms and bring the dream to life. Indeed, the help of a good home designer will go a long way. Living your best life involves taking the risk and embarking on a journey that delivers the right home for you. Therefore, every person has the power to start. It starts with a dream where you envision your designer home. Then, be proactive and look at your options. With time, you will be on the path to acquiring the dream. In turn, you will create what works for you as you make a clear statement that it is possible to live your dreams.

Leverage on space

designer home - www.ronjamesdesignerhomes.comMost people who build designer homes will be looking to get enough or excess space. If you have a growing family or business, space is always a plus. A custom designer home will prioritize on the space needs so that the future is catered for accordingly. Ron James Designer Homes is a great service to guide you in the right direction. With professional designers, you can maximize on space and make the most of what you have available. Therefore, a designer home is the answer to your space needs. It is designed with your current and future needs in mind.

A designer home is a high quality home

apartment_apartments_textiles_bedroom_light_interior_design-www.ronjamesdesignerhomes.comA high quality home will mean having a sound investment. With custom elements, the value of your home will only go up. Therefore, for your future use, you will be enjoying the very best and in case you want to sell, the investment will speak for itself. You cannot go wrong with this. Having said this, only a proven designer and builder can deliver the right designer home for you. Take time to search for the right professionals. In addition to academic qualifications, the designer must have hands-on experience and be knowledgeable in the processes of building. The designer must also have the right contacts so that the project can be delivered perfectly. To start you on the designer home ownership journey, Ron James Designer Homes is here for you.

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6 Tips To Consider When Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home

Pavimento_in_resinaFlooring choices for your home are plentiful and you can be sure to find your taste. When people live in the same house for a long period, they tend to crave for a change. There are those who may want to change furniture or paint their walls. If your floors have lost the shine or carpets are now becoming bare, perhaps its time to change your floor. However, changing new flooring can be an expensive affair depending on the type of floor you want to install. Below are some of the important factors to consider when choosing the flooring for your home.

1. Style

When selecting the right floors for your home, choose the flooring that does not crash with the style of your furnishings. It’s also important to match your furniture and floor you’re planning to install. If your home has modern furniture, go for carpets or tiles, while for the case of classical furniture, marble flooring will be a better option.

2. Durability

Changing your home flooring is a big investment that you don’t intend repeat again anytime soon. Durability of your flooring will depend on the activities that take place in each room of your home. For example, bathrooms experience standing water and the best option for this room is vinyl or tile instead of wood. Some materials require higher maintenance compared to others to ensure that they last longer and retain their aesthetic appeal. Tile or stone flooring is durable even though the finish can succumb due to lack of regular sweeping.

3. Are there people who suffer from asthma or have sensitivities to in your home?

Carpets are known to harbor a lot of allergens which are more easily to clean up if they’re on hard surfaces. Carpets have very high volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can cause health problems, especially for those people who’re more sensitive to allergens and contaminants. In such a situation, you can go for products that contain low VOC emissions. Low VOC products can be identified by green label designation.

4. Do you have pets?

If you have pets in your house such as cats and big dogs, you need to consider them when selecting your flooring due to their claws and shed. You can choose hard surfaces instead of carpets since they’re easy to cleanup when it comes to shed and pets’ hair. Either Wood or tile flooring can be the best choice since they have durable surface finishes.

5. Climate

This is an important to factor consider when doing your home flooring.


If you live in an area that is hot most part of year, you can choose marble or tile flooring since they’re cool. In case you live in a cold climate area, then a wall-to-wall carpeting will be the best option for you.

6. Your Budget

Changing your floors is a costly work and therefore you need to have an estimate of this project. Go for the flooring that fit your budget, and your life will be easier. These estimates are usually provided by the flooring contractor that you want to hire for the job.

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What Makes a Designer Home Truly Designer?

Designer HomesA designer home is definitely what many of us dream about when it comes to owning a home. This is because designer homes are professionally designed and constructed under the strict guidance of well experienced architects in order to bring out that wow factor. Here are some top answers to the question – what makes a designer home truly designer?

Designer homes are built in a time efficient manner

The structural choices you make can largely influence the actual installation of the mechanical systems you opt for in your home. Also, there are newer building materials and technologies, which are not only better, but even cost effective in certain circumstances. With the huge leaps made in building technology, newer building methods have now become the gold standard. At the same time, newer energy efficient models have began to replace most conventional building practices. Therefore, it is always essential to have someone who can fully ensure your project can adhere to all the relevant building codes. In turn, this equates to the whole project been approved with very minimal revisions.

Access to a wealth of expertise in the overall construction process

In essence, the primary duty of an architect is to efficiently interpret your requirements and then formulate a feasible plan for them. Still, he or she can as well be able to furnish you with a horde of crucial services to ensure your project sails through without any hitches. This includes guiding you in the building application process and researching planning legislation. They can also assist you in hiring the best surveyors, contractors and even sub-contractors.

Seamless execution of all your desires

In the event you encounter issues with the contractors you pick, it would ordinarily be very difficult to ascertain if all of them are adhered to your plans. It is extremely hard for the uninitiated to determine where one contractor’s duty ends and where the next starts. As such, many things can be overlooked or even inaccurately constructed early on, which can ultimately adversely affect the entire project. Additionally, should the first contractor have already left the site, it can prove to be a nightmare to get him and his team back again. Nevertheless, with an experienced architect, you can always rest assured every important issue will be taken into account in all the phases of your project.

Greater attention to detail

A Professional home designer will be able to translate your need for fullyVilla Savoye functional spaces, while also focusing on making them beautiful, at the same time. Generally speaking, skilled architects are three dimensional thinkers who can easily discover design opportunities where you may not see them. If you wish for spaces whose appeal can last, and more importantly, get top value for your investment, designer homes can be the way to go.

Unparalleled access to home building professionals

Being in this given business entails having numerous contacts who routinely work on residential building projects. Experienced and skilled architects, out of sheer necessity, build extensive networks of contractors who they can depend on. So, when you settle for a designer home, you can be assured you will always have access to all the contractors you need. These are professionals who can be able to successfully complete your project within the budget you set.

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Flipping a home

Home prices have been escalating, while ‘for sale’ listings are still down. Thishouse given state of affairs makes flipping a house much more competitive than ever before. Also, it can present a significant return for those investors willing to go for such real estate opportunities. If you are ready for the hard work, there is certainly good cash to be earned. Here are 5 important things to know/remember when flipping a home: .

  1. Do your math well beforehand

Prior to doing anything else, take all the time you need to figure out just how much you will have to spend on the house and its eventual renovation. Never forget to factor in the exact risk you are ready to take. Not to mention taxes, utilities as well as the necessary maintenance for at least a year. Then take a look at comparable sales in that particular market to let you determine what sale price you should ultimately settle for. The minute you have a strong financial plan, you can commence shopping for homes, which fit into your budget.

  1. Take time to understand your market well

Always make sure you totally comprehend your market. This will go a long way in enabling you to pick the most desirable’ home. Ask yourself the following questions. “Is it an established neighborhood with escalating prices?” “Or is it a transitional area with great potential?” “Is it a neighborhood with excellent schools that can appeal to families?” “Or is it an area popular with retirees?” Taking time to understand your market will give you a good idea on the profit margins involved. Generally speaking, each neighborhood comes with an “exceed-not’ limit. Therefore, find out more about yours.

  1. Understand the type of buyer you want and renovate the home with them in mind

mortageBy comprehending the market, you will also be able to discover just what kind of potential buyers you will encounter. For instance, if the area comes complete with excellent schools, the buyers will most likely be a young families. If this is the case, older houses may not come with open kitchens or family rooms, which such purchasers usually look for. So, spend your cash to ensure the family space is both open and inviting too. Don’t to forget to ensure the home has adequate bathrooms for the children. You might like to invest in a “Jack & Jill” in the hallway bathroom as well. On the other hand, don’t be too preoccupied with the master suite. Still, ensure the parents do get their very own bathroom.

  1. Take all the time you need to educate potential buyers

Once all the renovation work has being completed, take time to sit down and make a list. In it, disclose each system you had replaced or any structural issues you had to deal with. Take a snapshot of the new roof you had installed and also indicate just which windows are new. List down new appliances along with fixtures you installed too. Finally, present potential purchasers with a binder crammed with instructional booklets that come complete with warranties. If you invested in any smart home features, make sure you have instructions conspicuously displayed next them. All in all, make sure that potential buyers get to find out all about each and every detail.

  1. Don’t be tempted to overprice the home

After contemplating your work and taking into account the “sweat equity” that was involved, you may be tempted to overprice the home. However, always remember your buyer, never saw it at the start. They also have no idea of the stress the renovation exerted on you. All they will get to see is the end product. Keep in mind, they have being going through the market, and taking tours of comparable homes. Each area has a general pricing point. So, don’t extend beyond yours.

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Luxury homes: The 7 Best Additions to Add Value to Your Home

Luxury Tropical House HomeEvery home remodeling project is suppose to add more value to your house. However, the most important thing is to be able to go through all the 9 yards, since there are some details that can make your home much more cozier than before. Here are the 7 best additions that will add value to your home that are must for a cozier home.

1. Whirlpool bathtub

The benefits a whirlpool bathtub can provide transcend well beyond mereBathtub luxury. Generally speaking, these given products can be able to conveniently furnish you with both physical as well as emotional well being. This ranges from massages, stress alleviation to simply giving you more space to soak in whenever you wish to do so. It is both fun and relaxing to be able to take a hot bath in a whirlpool at the end of an especially long and stressful day at work.

2. Central vac

These are essentially super suction in-built vacuum cleaning systems, which come with convenient inlet ports connected all through the house. Through these handy ports, you can be able to plug in lightweight vacuuming hoses whose size varies from 25 feet to 50 feet. Ideally, the collection bins for these exceptional systems are normally situated in the basement or garage of your house. It is very important to note that central vacs possess as much as 5x the suction power of ordinary portable vacuums. While, more importantly, the dust that is collected is effectively stored very far away. This can be a major boon for those of us who suffer from allergies. Also, high end products feature retractable hoses, which can disappear within walls until the moment they are needed.

3. Steam shower

A steam shower is basically a sealed shower that is connected to a steam generator and can convert your shower stall into a veritable steam room. You can opt to build one totally from scratch or alternatively settle for a pre-fabricated fiberglass unit. Steam provides a variety of benefits including relaxation, soothing sore muscles, cleansing pores and even opening up sinuses.

4. Heated bathroom floors

These are thermostatic electric-radiant mats that can be installed beneath tile flooring. They totally eliminate the unpleasant feeling of sudden cold on your feet when you exit your shower early in the mornings. The finest of these products have integrated timers. This definitely means that you can be able to program them to warm your bathroom floor way before you enter your washroom.

5. Towel warming drawer

In essence, this happens to be a heated drawer, which is crafted from stainless steel that can be conveniently slipped into cabinetry, and whose primary function is to warm your towels. This makes sure you can always have warm and cozy towels each and every time you leave your shower.

6. Super skylight

operable skylightA super skylight can appropriately be described as a sort of roof window that permits natural light into a home in an extremely convenient manner. The high end varieties of these kinds of products come with insulated glass shades, which are powered by the sun along with automatic rain sensors. Both of these mechanisms when combined can be able to quickly shut an opened skylight in case the weather gets bad at any given time. Such skylights are not simply luxuries, but very functional as well. As such, they can be able to help you to make significant savings on your home’s heating, cooling and even lighting bills.

7. Whole house electrostatic filters

These products are also commonly referred to as electrostatic precipitators. They are basically dust eliminating devices, which can be linked with your home’s HVAC ductwork. Electrostatic precipitators function by charging polluted air with high voltage currents prior to collecting particles on plates that have an opposing charge. They can efficiently eliminate smoke, pollen, dust mites, pet dander and even dust from a home. In turn, this enables them to be in a position of significantly improving its air quality.

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