Municipal Services BuildingThe structural integrity of a home is extremely important. A house is like many other types of buildings has to be built in such a way that counteracts forces such as gravity, wind and the pressure exerted by the ground. So, it is always very essential to make sure that this crucial aspect of your project is not in any way overlooked.

Below are the exterior/structural building services

Foundation laying services

The foundation laying process begins with the staking out of the structure and land preparation. When this accomplished, excavation work will then commence, followed up by the construction and pouring of the footings. The footings are simply the concrete slabs that are designed to support the foundation walls. The foundation walls will then be erected before the structure being insulated and damp proofed. Finally, a proper drainage will be installed to ensure ground moisture can’t seep into the foundation.

Structure framing services

The second phase of the exterior and structural construction is referred to as the framing process. In essence, this usually involves the assembly of the home’s exterior walls, interior partitions and the roof. A framing skeleton will first be erected, which will be followed by the application of an exterior sheeting. The moment the structure is fully framed, the windows and doors can then be installed. Generally speaking, a competent builder’s primary objective, in this particular phase of your project, is to lock up as fast as it is possible. This is simply done to safeguard the structure from the effects of the elements.

Drywall installation services

The next phase will involve the effective insulation of the exterior walls as welldrywall as the roof. A vapor barrier will need to be applied as well, prior to the installation of the drywall. This will be followed by siding application on the exterior structure together with eavestroughing. The porches and decks can then be installed, which will be followed up by lot grading. Finally, the driveway along with walkways can be installed in accordance to your plans.

Building addition services

As an experienced architect, i also carry out professional building addition and home layout alteration too. Before this can be executed, first we have to determine whether the addition can be installed without in any way compromising the integrity of the original structure. I will also have to make sure that addition’s foundation can be adequately reinforced and completely adheres to the local building codes. As for layout alterations, I first have to ascertain which walls can efficiently support the weight of the structure. Finally, I will also determine just how the planned renovations or improvements will affect the overall integrity of the home.