Top 5 Merits of Hiring the Right Architect for Your Designer Home

Your dream home is indeed your designer home. This is the home of your wildest architectimagination. No matter what you have in mind, there is a way to bring it all to life. When you are finally looking to make this dream a reality, choosing the right architect is not an option. This is the professional who is able to capture your vision on paper. In addition, this vision will be translated into a physical building. To this end, there is no room for compromise; the right architect will ensure that you get what you want. Not all professionals who are qualified architects will deliver; and the following tips will help you choose the right expert for the job. Above all, you will know what to expect from seasoned professionals.

Versatile expertise and skill-sets

There are architects who are highly versatile to offer you a wealth of skills to your delight. In addition to home designs, go with a professional who has knowledge in building, expansion and even upgrading of designer homes. This way, you will benefit from an all-rounded architect; for a more promising designer home.

Unparalleled hands-on experience

The right architect to hire when looking to build your designer home is one who has good experience. This way, you can place your trust in their expertise where your project is concerned. Make sure to always ask for documented evidence referring to the experience when considering an architect. Let them give you a portfolio of their work and projects. If there are any references given, feel free to call them to confirm the information to your satisfaction.

Duly registered to serve you

Only properly trained and experienced professionals can be registered to practice as architects. In this regard, the right professional must be registered duly or in accordance to statutory provisions. Again, there must be evidence to this effect. Working with people who are not registered will only set you up for disaster. Building your designer home must therefore be done by qualified and recognized professionals. Many times, some people opt to work with cheaper architects with questionable qualifications. This equals to gambling with your designer home; do it the right way.

Get your designer home built in a timely fashion

The right architect is one who will ensure that your project follows all the relevant building codes. To this end, approvals will be fast with minimal revisions if any. When everything has been laid out the right way, your project will take off swiftly and promptly.

Eye for detail, for the ultimate designer home

architectThe best architect should be in a position to interpret and translate the needs of the client in detail. They are therefore able to customize elements to create wonderful perspectives. Because they are able to view multiple dimensions, they will provide sound design and building solutions for your designer home.

If you want to tap into all the above merits, Ron James is a registered architect who will offer you utmost professional services. His unlimited online resources on designer homes will be satisfactory as well.

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Flipping a home

Home prices have been escalating, while ‘for sale’ listings are still down. Thishouse given state of affairs makes flipping a house much more competitive than ever before. Also, it can present a significant return for those investors willing to go for such real estate opportunities. If you are ready for the hard work, there is certainly good cash to be earned. Here are 5 important things to know/remember when flipping a home: .

  1. Do your math well beforehand

Prior to doing anything else, take all the time you need to figure out just how much you will have to spend on the house and its eventual renovation. Never forget to factor in the exact risk you are ready to take. Not to mention taxes, utilities as well as the necessary maintenance for at least a year. Then take a look at comparable sales in that particular market to let you determine what sale price you should ultimately settle for. The minute you have a strong financial plan, you can commence shopping for homes, which fit into your budget.

  1. Take time to understand your market well

Always make sure you totally comprehend your market. This will go a long way in enabling you to pick the most desirable’ home. Ask yourself the following questions. “Is it an established neighborhood with escalating prices?” “Or is it a transitional area with great potential?” “Is it a neighborhood with excellent schools that can appeal to families?” “Or is it an area popular with retirees?” Taking time to understand your market will give you a good idea on the profit margins involved. Generally speaking, each neighborhood comes with an “exceed-not’ limit. Therefore, find out more about yours.

  1. Understand the type of buyer you want and renovate the home with them in mind

mortageBy comprehending the market, you will also be able to discover just what kind of potential buyers you will encounter. For instance, if the area comes complete with excellent schools, the buyers will most likely be a young families. If this is the case, older houses may not come with open kitchens or family rooms, which such purchasers usually look for. So, spend your cash to ensure the family space is both open and inviting too. Don’t to forget to ensure the home has adequate bathrooms for the children. You might like to invest in a “Jack & Jill” in the hallway bathroom as well. On the other hand, don’t be too preoccupied with the master suite. Still, ensure the parents do get their very own bathroom.

  1. Take all the time you need to educate potential buyers

Once all the renovation work has being completed, take time to sit down and make a list. In it, disclose each system you had replaced or any structural issues you had to deal with. Take a snapshot of the new roof you had installed and also indicate just which windows are new. List down new appliances along with fixtures you installed too. Finally, present potential purchasers with a binder crammed with instructional booklets that come complete with warranties. If you invested in any smart home features, make sure you have instructions conspicuously displayed next them. All in all, make sure that potential buyers get to find out all about each and every detail.

  1. Don’t be tempted to overprice the home

After contemplating your work and taking into account the “sweat equity” that was involved, you may be tempted to overprice the home. However, always remember your buyer, never saw it at the start. They also have no idea of the stress the renovation exerted on you. All they will get to see is the end product. Keep in mind, they have being going through the market, and taking tours of comparable homes. Each area has a general pricing point. So, don’t extend beyond yours.

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